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The Employment Center of DSU


One of the principal indicators for accreditation of the university is the problem of employment. In accordance with this, special state and local government agencies have been formed, which activity is aimed at implementation of this task. Center for students and graduates employment (The Employment center of DSU) has been created at the University, carrying out its work both on the University and regional levels.

Primary activity of the center is carried out in the following directions: analysis of needs of enterprises and regional organizations in specialists – graduates of the University; creation of graduates databank and jobs by different specialties; analysis of the partnership arrangements existing in the region; vocational guidance and information work with students for increasing their competitiveness on the labor market; interaction with enterprises and organizations of the region, regional and local organizations.

The principal function of the centre is aimed at cooperation with state and local authorities. The center involves actively young people in business activity, seeks to create a sort of the platform for development and support of youth. The Employment center of Dagestan State University tries to adjust its work under the time demands, to improve relations between employers and graduates.

The center is headed by Shahabasov Radjab Aliashabovich, who guarantees support and aid to each of the applied.

The center actively cooperates with each faculty of the University. There are coordinators in each faculty, whose work is to account and monitor students and graduates.

As soon as the work of the Employment Center is oriented primarily towards the best graduates of the University, a special project has recently been run, aiming at support and encourage of the best students of the University, which is called «The best graduate of DSU». The project is to reflect the graduate students` achievements in studying, scientific, social, creative, sport and labor activities for the period of their studies at the University. All the 5th year students of all the raining forms, having achievements in the listed spheres, are engaged in the contest.

After summation of the contest results, a single database of the best graduates will be created and a guide containing information of the best graduates will be published in accordance with classification of directions and specialties. The contest is carried out in seven categories: «Excellent Student», «Science», «Social Activities», «Sport», «Creation», «Fellow of the Nominal» and «Vocational Start».

The winners of the faculty phase of the contest are chosen by the committee, consisting of the Department Project Coordinator, the Dean, Curator of the course, Head of the Department, Associate Dean for Academic Activity, Research and Education. The winners are recommended for assigning the honorary title «The best graduate of the year» and are awarded personal certificates and valuable gifts.



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