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Student Club dates back to 1963. That's when a group of creative young people established at the University the first section of vocals, choreography and CVN. Originally the club consisted of no more than 100 people, but over time it gained immense popularity with students. Besides representing DSU at the local and regional competitions, young people go on tours to Russia and abroad.

Today the Student Club under the guidance of experienced teachers includes more than a thousand students from all faculties of the university. Along with the increase in the club’s staff, its material-technical base is constantly growing. The club has four assembly halls, which annually host over 70 events.

During the club's existence the number of amateur art groups significantly increased. Currently there are 12 sections: dance, modern dance, ballroom dancing, KVN, STEM, a national singing, pop singing, break dancing, drumming section, national Orchestra, the band "Siren", a section of guitarists.

Section "National Dance" exists almost since the establishment of the Student Club itself, and has a vivid history. The ensemble "My Dagestan", headed by Nargis Davidovna, was established at the Club. The ensemble has received much recognition in the republic and abroad. "My Dagestan" takes active part in promoting our culture on the anniversary of Moscow State University "Tatyana's Day" and is the guest of honor at the event. Also, every year since 2007, the ensemble takes part in the anniversary of Kazan State University and performs its concert at the festival "Student of the Year" in the Republic of Tatarstan.

The ensemble is a regular participant of the festival "good heart" in Elista. In 2009 it was invited to the Commonwealth Youth Festival in Nalchik, where it was awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts.

Modern KVN team of DSU is the successor to the "Makhachkala vagrants." The squad of DSU participated in international festivals of KVN in Sochi, was honored to take part in the first league of KVN International Union, performed in Krasnodar and Anapa. KVN team of DSU is a double champion of Dagestan league of KVN, the owner of several cups of Makhachkala, as well as the winner in the national contest "Student Spring» in nomination "The best welcome in the style of KVN." The team also takes part in various festivals: "KVN against terrorism" in Grozny, "Day of Dagestan" on forum "Mashuk."

An unprecedented project, entitled "Nonsense: Online positive," in the style of KVN has also been created in DSU, which combines classical and modern KVN humor in the style of stand-up, which is very popular today. The project includes the students of DSU as well as the young people from other educational institutions of our republic. Residents of "Nonsense" take active part in the national television projects, participate in "Laughter without rules" and "Comedy Battle" on the TNT channel

A section of break-dance, headed by Kamal Sultanbekov, began to develop actively during the last four years at the Student Club. The team has frequently become the winner of various competitions in the country, and is a champion of many "break-battles." It took part in the festival of break dance in France, where it won the cup "Audience Award" and also won the All-Russian break dance competition in Volgograd.

Section of Modern Dance is currently chaired by Elmira Musaeva. Ensemble «No comments» performed at various national festivals and won honorable prizes. In 2008 the band took 2nd place in the national festival "Student Spring - 2008".

Section of drummers as a separate section appeared a few years ago but has already achieved great success. Drummers of DSU are the best and the most skillful among the drummers of other educational institutions of Dagestan. Each year, drummers perform at the "Day of Russian students" at the Moscow State University and Kazan State University in Tatarstan.

One of the most popular and powerful clubs in Student Club of DSU is the National and Pop Vocal Club, headed by Murad Maksudov and Marat Tsurgulov.

Many popular singers of Dagestan came from the Student Club of DSU.  They are Rosa Maksumova, Tanya Danieva, Rinat Karimov, Aslan Huseynov, Christina, the Amangulovs sisters, Inna, Tarlan Mamedov, Alan, Abdul Muradov, Maxi, Ruslan Hasanov, Rashid Bagataev and many others.

The Student Club team annually holds such events as the "Dedication to students," the contest of choreography and singing, "Student Spring", "Defender of the Fatherland," "International Women's Day," "Valentine's Day" and many others.

Thus, we can safely say that the DSU Student Club is a fount of creative initiatives and plays a huge role in the life of the university.

The Student Club today is not just clubs and classes, endless rehearsals and concerts. The Student Club is a way of students` continuous self-perfection, the opportunity to find their unique way, express themselves and sometimes make the most important choice in life, which is  to find a business of one’s life. It's a whole world, which helps students find not only the friends and mentors, but also to find a proactive stance, confidence in action. And this world works under the strict supervision of the Director of the student club Magomedov Magomed Magomedovich.



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