Dagestan State University

Quality management of education


Head of the Management – Iminov Kadi Osmanovich tel.: 4-52, 8-928-534-30-71, iko6161@mail.ru

Structure of management:

•    Department of analysis and quality control of education
•    Department of social and psychological research
•    Unit testing and examination of Measurement and control materials

Main areas of activity:

•     A study of contemporary trends and analysis of the synthesis of the experience in the field of quality assurance and implementation of best practices of leading educational and scientific organizations;
•    Coordination of the structural units of the university to improve its quality management system;
•    Continuous improvement of the quality management system by the University of managerial decision-making and performance evaluation based on the true facts;
•     Continued work on improving quality of conditions and the environment, quality of process and outcome quality - quality of the professionals;
•     Development of environment at the University which motivates every employee to improve both his activities and the activity of the university as a whole.

Department of analysis and quality control of education

Head of the Department – Gadzhikurbanova Taisa Alirzaevna  tel.: 4-07, 4-52, 8-963-407-00-21, ktae@ya.ru

Tasks of the Department:

•    Development of draft normative documents defining the modalities for a unified system for monitoring the quality of education DSU;
•    Ranking of teachers, departments, faculties and the university;
•    Student ranking (education, participation in social activities, student work, research work, a psychological portrait);
•    Service and maintenance information system software to determine ratings PPP, departments, faculties and students;
•    Analysis of vocational education programs of specialties and areas of training and methodologies for compliance with statutory requirements;
•    Conducting of internal audits of quality management system of DSU;
•    Reporting on rating indices. Analysis of the educational process in the disciplines. The formation and storage of information received.

Department of Social and Psychological Research
Head of the Department – Hanova Zoya Gadzhialievna tel.: 1-88, 8-928-564-76-28

Tasks of the Department:

•    Conducting of psychological and sociological research within the university on the orders of the problems of administration;
•    Preparation and implementation of various kinds of survey of university students, including those to determine the rating of PPPs;
•     A survey of psycho - physiological state of the DSU students and staff;
•     Organization of events for the psychological support of staff and students;
•      Preparation of proposals to create a favorable climate in the collectives;

Unit testing and examination of Measurement and control materials

Head – Savina Elena Vladimirovna tel.: 1-24, elsavina@mail.ru

Tasks of the Unit:

•     Develop programs to create and provide the information storage database assessment materials in various fields of knowledge;
•     Coordinate the efforts of teachers and specialists of DSU in the field of  assessment materials, technologies and procedures for certification of students;
•    Create a test database estimating the bank of materials in various fields of knowledge to control the students' knowledge;
•    Organization of expertise of the test material by experts in the disciplines;
•    Organize and conduct an automated test control of residual knowledge of students;
•    Provision of selected UMU current examinations and tests in a test network;
•    Record keeping and analysis of test results;



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