Dagestan State University

Primary Trade Union Organization of workers and students of Dagestan State University (PTUO of DSU)


Student trade union organizations at the Universities present the principal form of the student self-government. Dagestan State University is no exception.

PTUO of DSU is the biggest organization in the system of republic committee of the trade union of education and science of the Republic of Dagestan. Trade union association includes more than 15 thousand members. PTUO of DSU includes two sectors: employee sector and student and post graduate student sector. The chairman of the trade union is Rabazanov Nuhkhadi Ibragimovich – member of the Central Council of Trade Union of Education and Science of Dagestan Republic, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Head of the Department of Ichthyology of the Biological Department of DSU. Vice chairman is Kurbanov Magomed Sirajutdinovich –  the head of undergraduate and graduate students sector PTUO of DSU, chairman or the Commission on Science, Education and Youth Policy of the Public Chamber of Dagestan Republic.

The guidelines of PTUO of DSU activity include preparation, adoption and monitoring of the collective bargaining agreement; participation in collective actions of trade unions; execution of programs on social and legal protection of employees and students of DSU; control over the valuation of labor and wage; work with family students; recreation and cultural events; organization of sports and recreation activities; information work in a team; material assistance to needy; quality control of food, services sector and medical care; cooperation with trade union organizations of universities, including foreign ones.

Trade Union organization cooperates with other social organizations of DSU: student club, sport clubs, Student Scientific Society, Committee on youth problems and so on.

Absolute majority of sports events (festivals, competitions, sports festivals, championships) both at the University and outside are held with the direct participation of trade committee.

Various contests are also held to reveal the state of the students` place of residence. The contest «The best hostel» is held annually between hostels. Such contests as «The best floor», «The best national dish » and « The best team» are also held in the hostels, the winners are encouraged.

PTUO of DSU provides financial assistance to the Board of Veterans of the Great Patriotic War and Labor; organize different actions for students and employees of DSU: Student Spring, initiation of freshmen students, holiday concerts and trips with concerts to military units located on the territory of Dagestan Republic and to the leading universities of Russia (MSU, KGU, KalmSU and others).

Trade Union organization supports far and wide boarding school of Makhachkala for orphans and children left without parental care.
More than 500 students receive financial assistance monthly. There is a sports complex «Kaspiy».
There is a sanatorium at DSU for the students who need spa treatment. More than 700 students have a rest there every year.
Professionalism, courtesy and kindness of the sanatorium staff, diet therapy, vitamin therapy, restorative treatment help to achieve the desired effect for 24 days.

One of the most important tasks of PTUO is provision and distribution of vouchers for spa treatment and rest in the sanatoria, rest houses, student sanatorium and hostels. Primarily the right of rest is given to orphan students, semi-orphans and students who really need to improve their health: invalid students and students suffering from chronic diseases. Secondarily priority is given to excellent students and activists. Each year more than 600 students of the University have rest on shore of on the Black Sea and Caspian Sea and in the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

The Trade Union also exercises control over the buffets and dining rooms (compliance with the rules of catering services, order and discipline in prices, quality of product safety in catering).  For this purpose each year the Commission holds raid inspection of state of places of public catering of DSU. Special criteria of quality assessment including the most burning issues for students have been worked out. In one word, work of the Trade Union organization is aimed at making life and studying at the University better and more interesting.



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