Dagestan State University

6. Target Reception


55. Dagestan State University considers applications for target reception received from public authorities and local authorities and takes a decision on the allocation of target places for each degree program (specialty), with their number within the Admission Target Figures and within the quota established by the founder.

Dagestan State University informs public authorities and local authorities about the decision and concludes agreements with them for target reception taking into account the competitive basis of admission to higher educational establishments.

The number of vacancies for admission for each target degree program (specialty) is determined not later than one month prior to submission the documents and should not exceed 15 percent of the total number of Admission Target Figures for each degree program (specialty), except for the cases stipulated by legislation of the Russian Federation. Applicants and the public are notified about this.

56. The number of target vacancies can not be increased during the period of documents’ submission, admission tests and enrollment.

57. If the parties contracting with the university do not provide competition to target vacancies, the admission committee is obliged to reduce the number of selected target areas and inform the appropriate state or municipal bodies, as well the applicants for target vacancies, about this. All procedures for target admission are documented by the protocol of the Admission

58. Persons who are not admitted to target vacancies upon competitive examination, are entitled to participate in the general competition held by the University for any form of education on the basis of their State Unified Exam results as well as their admission tests’ results, provided they stated this in their application for admission to the University in terms determined by Paragraph 16 of the present Regulations.

59. The target vacancies which are left free after the entrance exams and enrolment, are occupied by the applicants participating in general competition on the corresponding degree programs (specialties).

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