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5. Appealing and consideration of Appeals


48. If the applicant thinks that the order of conducting the entrance exam held by the University independently, additional entrance test or certification test was violated or if the applicant disagrees with the results of the entrance exams and certification tests, he/she can file a written appeal to the Board of Appeal (further appeal).

If the entrance test is conducted in the written form, the applicant can review his work after filing and submitting a written application to the Admission Committee. The application must be submitted by the applicant in person on the day the results of the exams are published on the notice board of the Admission Committee. The application must be submitted to the Executive Secretary or his/her representative (applications submitted later will not considered by the Board of Appeal).

49. Consideration of appeals is not a retake of the entrance exam or testing. In the course of the consideration of the appeal only the correctness of the results will be checked.

50. The appeal is filed by the applicant in person on the next day after the announcement of the results of the entrance test. Besides, the applicant is entitled to see the work he did during the entrance exam, according to the procedure established by the University. The Admission Committee will accept appeals during the whole of a working day.

Consideration of the appeals must be held no later than the day of study of examination works.

51. The applicant has a right to be present at the consideration of the appeal by the Board of Appeal. The applicant must have an identifying document and the exam certificate.

52. If the applicant is under 18, one of the parents or one of his/her legal representatives can be present at the consideration of the appeal. If the applicant under 18 is amounted to attaining majority, parents or representatives are not needed.

53. After consideration of the appeal the Board of Appeal passes a judgment on the assessment of entrance test ( marking up, down or as it is).

54. In case of discords in the Board of Appeal, the decision is taken by voting. The decision is taken by the majority of votes.

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