Dagestan State University

Faculty of Foreign Languages


 Founded in 1953, the Faculty of Foreign Languages soon grew into one of the most popular and prestigious faculties of Dagestan. Both teachers and students of our faculty are enthusiastic about their profession and take great pains to maintain its high-ranking position. Since recently, the faculty has been headed by Ashurbekova Tatyana Ivanovna, Candidate of Philology and Associate Professor.

 In today’s educational market, what sets us apart is not only our teachers’ high proficiency but also time-honoured traditions of continuity of generations and exchange of experience. Our experienced teachers still display young zest for knowledge and agile wit whereas their younger counterparts strive for wisdom of the old. This blend of youth and wisdom not merely enables us to teach foreign languages, but makes it also possible to hear and listen to each other.

 Our students study many languages: English, German, French, Arabic, elective courses of Italian. But all the teachers and students understand each other easily. Not only do they acquire theoretical linguistic knowledge and practical language skills, but also the language of tolerance which comes to them through deep understanding of the world of the languages they study.

 The faculty comprises 5 departments: Department of English Philology, Department of English Language, Department of German Language, Department of French Language, Department of the Second Foreign Language.

 Our students specialize in two areas: Philology (English Language and Literature) and Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures.

 The faculty enjoys the benefits of modern study aids, language laboratories, video rooms, satellite television. Our computer classes offer programs worked out by leading Russian and foreign universities as well as by our instructors. All the departments have access to the internet which makes it possible to plunge into an authentic language and cultural environment.

 Much emphasis is laid on educational and cultural work. We consider mindset formation an integral part of training. In this area much is done by the students’ union committee which participates actively in solving virtually all the students’ problems: allocation of bursaries and scholarships, students’ attendance at scientific seminars, extra-curricular activities, etc.

 Our traditional concerts such as “The Faculty’s Day”, “Farewell Bell”, “Student Spring Festival” and many other parties launched many young people into stage career. They are well known in our republic and beyond.

 The faculty’s main task is training highly qualified specialists in cross-cultural communication, who can apply their knowledge almost in every sphere of public life. Our alumni are employed in government agencies, Federal Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs, intelligence services, banks, UNO, UNESCO, etc.

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