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     We can single out 3 stages in the history of the Faculty of Culture:

1. 1980 – 1988 - opening of the Library Department at the Faculty of Philology of DSU.

2. 1988 – 1994 – establishment of an independent Faculty of Library.

3. 1984 – present days – renaming of the Library Faculty into the Faculty of Culture.

     Since 2001 the faculty has been headed by Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, and Master Bibliographer Adjamatova Nina Karamova.

   Currently, the faculty offers training in two specialties: Library Information and Dramatic Art. Academic Activity is carried out on the basis of two departments: the Department of Library Science and Bibliography and the Department of Dramatic Art. The most famous artists of Russia and Dagestan’s are invited to run classes, deliver lectures and give master classes to the students of the faculty.

    Great research capacity of the academic staff and modern material and technical resources make it possible to train highly qualified specialists in the area of the library and information work and dramatic art.

   In addition to the above-mentioned the faculty created a students’ theatre “VAH”. The faculty is headed by Batyrov Alisultan Magomedovich. Art director of the theatre is Kaziyev Islam Kaziyevich, Honored Artist of the Republic of Abkhazia, Honored Artist of Russia and the Republic of Dagestan, laureate of State Prize.

The range of functions of the theatre is wide. The purpose of creating the theatre is strengthening students’ knowledge in special disciplines.

The main aim of the faculty is improving students’ general intellectual and educational level, training them into real professionals in their area.

The theatre’s activities comprise the following:

1) staged term and diploma performances

2) guest performances in other Dagestan towns.

Such famous plays as “Moon Nights”, “Golden Chicken”, “Calamity Trunk” and others are in the repertoire of the theatre.

   The faculty maintains close ties with Moscow and Krasnodar Universities of Art and Culture, St. Petersburg Academy of Art and Culture, Moscow Art Theatre School.

   Our graduates are sought after in Dagestan biggest libraries as well in the Russian Dramatic theatre, the Republic’s Puppet theatre, etc.

The Faculty of Culture has contributed much to the cause of preserving cultural traditions of Dagestan. 

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