Dagestan State University

Faculty of History


The Faculty of History is one of the fundamental faculties of  Dagestan State University. It is headed by Bulatov Bashir Bulatovich, Doctor of History, Professor, Honorary Educator of  Dagestan, presidium member of all-Russian Education and Methodics Association, delegate and deputy head of Makhachkala State Assembly.

The faculty comprises 5 departments: Department of  Russian History from the earliest times till the beginning of the XX century, Department of  Russian History from the XX to the XXI century, the Department of World History and Department of  Russian History. It also has historical and ethnographic museum n.a. R.M. Magomedov.

Students of the Faculty of History do practice training in Archeology, Archive and Museum Studies as well as teaching practice.

Our undergraduate students learn English, German or Arabic. It makes their expedition work considerably easier and provides them with the opportunity to study manuscripts and historical documents about Dagestan.

Students’ life is rich in traditions. Our students take active part in amateur art activities, brain-rings. They are involved in the region’s social and political life. In 1992 the students of our faculty made the core of our KVN team “Makhachkala Tramps”.

The students have their own political club where they can express and dispute their points of views, and display their oratory mastery. Thanks to the corporate spirit of our students and teachers the faculty not only preserves its traditions but is also open to the new and interesting.

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