Dagestan State University

Faculty of Social Studies


The Faculty of Social Studies has been training the specialists in the sphere of social protection for over fifteen years.

The faculty has 6 departments that train highly qualified specialists in the following areas: social and legal protection of the population, social work in higher educational establishments, psychological and social work with population, welfare activities and protection.

Our alumni are in-demand in various state establishments – Pension Fund, Social Protection Administration, rehabilitation centres of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development as well as social and psychological services in schools, kindergartens, power structures, enterprises and administrative institutions.

Currently, over 1200 students are enrolled in both full-time and part-time departments.

Highly professional academic staff of our faculty comprises 8 holders of doctoral degrees, 27 holders of candidate degrees, a Honorary Worker of Higher School, an Outstanding Worker of Public School, etc.

Students’ theoretical and practical knowledge and learning skills are formed as a result of both training and participation in the work of social and pedagogical school, welfare clinic and the centre of social research.

Students do a training practice in the Social Infant Asylum, temporary detention centre for juvenile delinquents, Medial and Social Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children and Teenagers, Care Home for Disabled Children, Social Service of Drug Abuse and Psychoneurologic Dispensary Clinic, Children and Family Social Care Centre, Pension Fund, Medical Insurance Fund, Social Insurance Fund as well as the republic’s schools and higher educational establishments.

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