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Faculty of Oriental Studies


The Faculty Oriental Studies is unique in North Caucasus. Even though quite young (being founded in 2001), the faculty has taken its rightful place in the University’s educational and research arena. Educational and research resources as well as highly efficient academic staff furnish students with present knowledge in their profession.

The dean of the faculty is Magomedov Arsen Rasulovich, Honored Researcher of Dagestan, Doctor of History, Professor.

The faculty comprises 4 departments – Department of Arabic Philology, Department of Arabic, Department of Iranian and Turkic Philology, Department of Asian and African Countries. It also has the Institute of Koran Studies, Research Centre of Archeography, Iranian Studies Centre, Turkish Language and Culture Centre and Arab Studies Centre. All these academic sectors help coordinate research work done by the members of academic staff and the students.

Our primary objective is training highly professional specialists in Oriental Studies. Education is based on state standards adopted in the leading educational centers of the country combining theoretical and practical training of students. Each year academic seminars are held attended by both our researchers and students.

Much attention is paid to the involvement of students in scientific research, their yearly participation in archeographic expeditions being an example. The materials of the seminars and other research articles of our students are published in collections of scientific articles. The faculty enjoys the benefits of modern information technologies. Our local intranet and the Internet provide students with the latest data about achievements in various spheres of science and education. Modern computer programs and a multimedia language laboratory are used in the process of training.

Responding to the challenges of our time, the faculty is actively developing relations with leading Russian higher schools: the Institute of African and Asian Studies of MSU, the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography of Dagestan Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It also collaborates with the Centre of Caucasus and Central Asia.

Annually, within the framework of international relations programs, our students take language courses in Asyut and Sohag Universities (Egypt), Fatiha University (Turkey), Guilan University (Iran).

Our alumni are employed in the system of higher and secondary education, public institutions and organizations, mass media, publishing houses, institutes of the Academy of Sciences. Various organizations including foreign ones show interest in attracting our specialists.

Much emphasis is laid on amateur art and sport.

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