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The Faculty of Philology is one of the oldest in the University. It was founded in 1931 with the foundation of the Teachers' Training Institute. Over the years it has become a leading school training specialists in philology and journalism.

The faculty includes 10 departments – Department of Russian Language, Department of Russian Literature, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Department of Foreign Literature, Department of Methods of Teaching Russian Language and Literature, Department of Dagestanian Languages, Department of Dagestanian Literature, Department of Printed Media, Department of Television and Radio Broadcasting, Department of Editorial and Publishing Service. Along with the departments the faculty also has research institute of folklore, literature and journalism as well as research laboratories.

The program for our undergraduate students allows specialization in the following fields: Russian Language and Literature, Native Language, Journalism.

The faculty comprises full-time and part-time students who, apart from studies, take active part in research and extracurricular activities. They participate in regional and all-Russian
Olympiads (Moscow, Tomsk, Rostov-on-Don) and head the lists of prizewinners. Our best students are granted scholarships of the President, of the State Council, of the republic mass media, of the Ministry on National Policy, Information and External Affairs as well as Rasul Gamzatov Scholarship.

Our alumni are employed in the sphere of culture and public education, in civil service and mass media. Graduates with the qualification “Philologist. Teacher of Russian Language and Literature” and “Philologist. Teacher of Native Language and Literature” are invited to work in leading universities and research centres of Russia. Graduates of division of Journalism work in famous print and electronic mass media of the republic and the Russian Federation.

Our academic staff consists of highly qualified and experienced lecturers and instructors: 26 Doctors of Philology and Education and 70 Candidates of Philology. The Faculty of Philology counts among its members professors awarded the titles of “Honorary Scientist of Russia”, “Honorary Figure of Russian Higher Education”, “Honorary Teacher of the Republic”, etc.

Much attention is paid to work with senior schoolchildren. This work is the responsibility of the School of Young Philologists and the School of Young Journalists. Each year the faculty participates in organizing the republic’s Olympiads in Russian language and literature, Dagestanian languages and literature, journalism.

The Faculty of Philology is rich in its own traditions. Students take active part in organizing Students’ festivals.

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