Dagestan State University

Faculty of Ecology and Geography


The Faculty of Ecology and Geography is a young scientific and training unit of Dagestan State University. It was established in 1998 on the basis of the inter-faculty Department of Ecology.

It is one of a few faculties of the republic maintaining close ties with research institutes and laboratories of Dagestan Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Faculty of Ecology and Geography has 6 departments containing 6 fundamental research laboratories. The Faculty offers a wide variety of post-graduate programs leading to Candidate’s or Doctor’s degrees. There is a dissertation council awarding candidate and doctoral degrees in Ecology and Zoology.

The faculty has a mobile ecological laboratory, one of the best in Russia, which enables to make on-site analyses of samples of water, air and soil as well as analyses of air dustiness and radioactivity of objects. We also enjoy the benefits of modern computer rooms, necessary equipment, digital meteorological observing station, GPS, rapid testing appliances, multimedia equipment, interactive boards and computer media containing a lot of data on geography and biology.

The faculty also has its own printing house where we publish magazines and collections of scientific papers of both the academic staff and undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students.

The faculty’s substantial e-library is based on the resources of the Faculties of Geography and Biology of Moscow State University and the Faculty of Ecology and Geography of Dagestan State University. It holds over a hundred textbooks and study guides.

Our academic staff consists of a highly qualified teaching staff occupied also in various research programs. All the members of the staff hold a scientific degree. All-in-all, there are 17 holders of doctoral degree.
An important role is given to fieldwork. During five years of studies, our students do the average of 20-week field work.

The Faculty is known for its friendly atmosphere, interesting students’ life, professional academic staff and industrious students.

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