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In 1962 the Faculty of Natural Sciences was reorganized into the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology. The Faculty of Chemistry started functioning as a separate unit in 1968 after the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology had been divided into the Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of Technology.

The Faculty is headed by its graduate, Doctor of Chemistry, professor Ramazanov Arsen Shamsutdinovich.
The Faculty of Chemistry comprises 4 departments: of Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, of General and Inorganic Chemistry, of Physical and Organic Chemistry and of Ecological Chemistry and Technology.
Today the Faculty of Chemistry is the centre of training highly qualified specialists in chemistry. More than 300 undergraduates are enrolled in studies.

Modern material and technical basis and academic staff make the Faculty of Chemistry one of the leading educational and scientific centres in North Caucasus where highly qualified specialists in different areas of chemistry are being trained. Our alumni are employed in public educational establishments; schools; higher schools; research institutes and laboratories; chemical, food and other sectors of national economy; Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate; criminalistical, environmental and pharmaceutical institutions, etc.

Our lecturers do no confine themselves to teaching only and participate actively in various research programs.
One of the Faculty’s priorities is vocational guidance. Our lecturers and instructors run classes in chemistry-biased schools, thus attracting many talented young people to our faculty.

Each year our faculty hosts the final tour of the Republican Olympiad in Chemistry. Prizewinners of the
Olympiad are admitted to the faculty without entrance exams.

Much emphasis is laid on students’ involvement in research. Many students of the faculty are awarded medals, diplomas and other certificates of merits.

Chemistry’s peculiarity consists in blending science and art. Fusion of these two aspects makes it so appealing. So if you want to connect your life with chemistry, choose our faculty.

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