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The Faculty of Physics was initially founded as the Division of Physics and Engineering of Dagestan Teachers' Training Institute established in 1931. The first Department of Physics was formed in 1943. In 1967, the Faculty of Physics as an independent academic unit of Dagestan State University was founded on the basis of Physico-Mathematical and Radiophysical Faculties.

Currently, the faculty is headed by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Kurbanismail Vali Suliemanovich.
The Faculty takes pride in its highly qualified academic staff. About 99% of lecturers hold academic degrees, doctoral degrees amounting to 40%. Among the members of our academic staff there is a member of the Russian Academy of Education and 3 members of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Over 200 alumni of the faculty hold doctoral and candidate’s degrees and are employed in leading educational and research institutions – Dagestan State University, Dagestanstate Pedagogical University, Dagestan Scientific Centre of the Russian Academic of Sciences, Dagestan Medical Academy, Dagestan State Technical University, etc.
Seven departments of the faculty train specialists in the following fields: “Physics”, “Electronics and Nano-Electronics”, “Electric Energy and Electric Engineering”.

The Faculty of Physics is the key faculty of Dagestan State University, being its main research centre. Annually our scientists are awarded research grants amounting to the average of 30 million rubles. The faculty departments do fundamental, exploratory, applied and scientific researches funded by state budget, business contracts, grant funds, international programs, “Russian University” and “Russian Scientific and Academic Specialists” programs.
The faculty’s material and technical resources provide the necessary base for training specialists meeting high state educational standards. The faculty has 20 school and 40 research laboratories equipped with modern measuring and diagnostic instrumentation. There are also three basic research laboratories: “Plasma Physics and Plasma Technologies”, “Solid-State Electronics” and “Nanotechnology”. In 2010, two RECs of the faculty were awarded the status of the Federal Target Programs. A fundamental department of the Institute of Physics of Dagestan Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences operates on the faculty as well as a correspondence School of Physics and a planetarium which are key parts of propaganda of Physics among Dagestan pupils and students. Our faculty enjoys all the benefits of a display room equipped with modern Pentium computers.

The Faculty takes pride in its old traditions, e.g. very democratic relationships between senior and junior students. Numerous issues concerning students’ life are addressed by students themselves through self-governing organizations.

The faculty graduates have many-sided qualification. Our students decide to devote themselves to studying Laws of Nature, governing everything from the smallest subatomic particles to giant spiral galaxies lost in the depths of the Universe. Their efforts are awarded by discovery of a lot of interesting and unexplored scientific laws.

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