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Faculty of Psychology and Philosophy


The Faculty of Psychology and Philosophy is the youngest in DSU. It was founded in 2011 on the basis of a number of academic units: Faculty of Psychology, Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of History, inter-faculty Department of Philosophy and Sociology and inter-faculty Department of Theory of Religious Thought and Culture.

From the first days of its foundation to the reorganization into the Faculty of Psychology and Philosophy the Faculty of Psychology was headed by Associate Professor A.M. Akhmedkhanov. The Department of Philosophy was headed by Professor M.I. Bilalov. The new faculty is chaired by Professor M.Y.Yakhiaev.

The Faculty of Psychology and Philosophy comprises 6 departments: Department of Philosophy and Sociology, Department of Theory of Religious Thought and Culture, Department of Ontology and Gnoseology, Department of Developmental and Professional Psychology, Department of Social Psychology, Department of General Psychology. The faculty has established the Centre of Psychological Aid “Psi-Factor”.

Our Faculty members are highly-recognized specialists in the sphere of philosophy and psychology. Among them are 4 Doctors of Psychology, 8 Doctors of Philosophy, 1 Doctor of History. There are also 56 candidates of science, of which 13 are professors and 43 associate professors.

Our undergraduates major in two areas: “Psychology” and “Philosophy”. The faculty is gradually developing multi-level system of education. Among our most recently launched programs are the Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs in Psychology and Philosophy. The brightest students of the faculty can continue studies in post-graduate school and doctorate.

A psychologist is a specialist analyzing a man’s mental world and interpersonal relations. Psychologists help a person realize their potential, make business contacts, recruit and supervise human resources, etc. Graduates with the qualification “Psychology” are able to diagnose a person’s mental state; to conduct individual and group counseling and psychotherapy; they also learn skills of carrying out intervention programs. Our graduates are sought after in different spheres of social life. They are demanded in education, social protection, health care, government and non-government institutions, etc.

A philosopher’s object of cognition is outer reality and a human being, social and political sphere, determinants of socio-cultural development. Apart from philosophy, liberal arts and natural sciences, the curriculum includes regional subjects: Theory and History of Caucasian and Dagestan Culture, Islam, Sufism. Our graduates apply their knowledge while working in higher educational establishments, secondary and high schools, colleges. They are also employed in state and municipal agencies, non-governmental organizations, political parties, mass media, etc.

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