Dagestan State University

Faculty of Physical Training and Sport


Faculty of Physical Training and Sport of Dagestan State University was founded in 2004 on the basis of its sports complex. It comprises 2 departments: Department of Sport Disciplines and Department of Physical Training.
A specialist in Physical Training has the following qualifications:

 - to work in various educational establishments, organizations and enterprises, picked teams, including Russian National Teams;
- to act as a supervisor in the sphere of physical training and sport on local, regional and federal levels;
-  to organize recreation and rehabilitation through physical training and sport in sport and leisure centres, tourist and, treatment stations, rehabilitation and prophylactic institutions.

Amongst our academic staff are a Doctor of Medicine, 7 Candidates of Pedagogical Sciences, 2 Honored coaches of the Russian Federation. The division trains well-qualified specialists in Physical Training, Children’s and Youth Sports, Popular Sports, Professional Sports, Elite Sports, Sports and Recreation, Motorial Recreation and Rehabilitation.

Dagestan State University has signed a Treaty and Cooperation with Russian State University of Physical Training, Sports and Tourism (RSUPTST) on the basis of which members of the academic staff of our division serve internship and improve their qualification in RSUPTST.

Dagestan State University is a member of the Association of Caspian Universities which was founded in 1996. Within the framework of this Association International Students’ Competitions are held once or twice a year. The students of Faculty take active part in the Competitions.

Academic and training classes are run in special sports rooms.

Within DSU the Sports Club is established, aimed to initiate students and the university staff to sports and healthy lifestyle. Apart from solving this socially important task, the Sports Club trains sports reserves and University teams in different sports. There are the following sports classes in DSU: arm-wrestling (for boys), mountain climbing (for boys and girls), badminton (for boys and girls), basketball (for boys and girls), volleyball (for boys and girls), free-style wrestling (for boys), calisthenics (for boys and girls), kettlebell lifting (for boys), Greco-Roman Wrestling (for boys), judo (for boys and girls), chess (for boys and girls).

All the students of the university are involved in its sports activities. Very often competitions between the faculties are as spectacular as international games.

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