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Founded in 1972, the Faculty of Economics continues old traditions of economic education of Dagestan State University. It is one of the leading research centres in Dagestan that trains highly qualified economists. In early 1990s the Faculty started radical reorientation of economic education that was aimed to meet both the challenges of the market economy and international standards of education. As a result, two faculties were formed on its basis: Faculty of Management and Financial and Economical Faculty. In 2009 DSU Academic Council reunited them into the Faculty of Economics.

Since then the Faculty of Economy has been headed by Honored Scientist of Dagestan, Doctor of Engeneering, professor Djavat Kurbanovich Djavatov.

Academic activity and research is provided by the Faculty’s unique team made by highly skilled teaching and academic staff. Among 240 regular lecturers there are 29 doctors of Economy, 40 full professors and nearly a hundred of associate professors.
There are 15 departments at the faculty of Economics: Department of Economic Theory, Department of Economics and Labour Relations, Department of National Economics, Department of Management, Department of State and Municipal Management, Department of Finance and Insurance, Department of Business Accounting, Department of Taxes and Currency Circulation, Department of Business Economics and Statistics, Department of World Economy, Department of Commerce and Marketing, Department of Audit, Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Legal Bases of Management.

Annually, over 600 students graduate from the Faculty of Economy. One of the essential features of the curriculum is combination of compulsory courses with elective self-guided scientific work under professors’ supervision. Students enjoy the opportunity to join a faculty research teams, participate in students’ conferences and special seminars. Their works are regularly published in special periodicals.

The curriculum includes courses of foreign languages. Students have the opportunity to learn two foreign languages. The main task of the Faculty of Economics is to train ambitious and talented specialists in the sphere of research, analytical market testing, capital investment projects as well as individual business activity.

The Faculty has introduced the practice of inviting managers of efficiency-run companies (our alumni among them) to deliver lectures and give master classes. The Faculty intends to transform this activity into practice training in firms. In addition, scholars from leading universities of Russia (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, St. Petersburg Tax Institute, Southern Federal University, Ossetia State University) are invited to teach at the faculty both in online regime and in reality, thus giving the students the opportunity to learn about the latest findings in various fields of economic theory and practice.
The Faculty is also an innovative centre. Recently it formed a training school for young researchers specializing in the history of development of Russian tax system. There is a resource centre for auditors and specialists in taxation, local Accountant Institute and the Centre of Economical and Institutional Research. Over the last years a number of small innovative enterprises have been set up by the departments. These enterprises provide students with good experience in their area of specialization. Many scientists are involved in innovative activities collaborating with enterprises and making researches aimed at development of innovation technologies. Innovation activity of the Faculty lays much emphasis on communication with employers. The Faculty of Economics has close ties with the Republic’s leading public institutions and agencies. Many members of the academic staff are also members of research advisory councils and expert boards of the Ministry of Investments, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, Ministry of Economy as well as the President of the Republic’s counsels.

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