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The Faculty of Law is the centre for legal training and education in Southern Federal District.

The Faculty of Law today is the leading school of legal education and research in DSU. The academic staff of the Faculty do large-scale researches in various branches of jurisprudence, contribute substantially to the development of the Russian and Dagestan legislation, and provide legal advice for state institutions and international organizations.

Having at its disposal all the necessary conditions the Faculty of Law offers a very wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the legal sciences. Among our academic staff are 20 full professors, holding higher doctoral degrees in law, 110 associate professors, holding the degrees of candidates of Law. The Faculty also attracts well-known academics and specialists from other institutions and state organizations, as well as representatives of legislative, executive and judicial branches of power, to teach courses in various areas of jurisprudence.

The Faculty has 16 departments: Department of Theory of State and Law; Department of Legal History and State History; Department of Constitutional Law and Municipal Law; Department of Administrative Law and Financial Law; Department of International Law; Department of Civil Law; Department of Civil Procedure; Department of Labour Law and Basics of Law; Department of Criminal Law and Criminology; Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics; Department of Legal Informatics and Department of Natural Sciences.

The Faculty has its own Research Institute of Law, research and educational centre “Justice”, Laboratory of Criminal and Criminological Research, legal advisory service, computer rooms, a reading room offering materials for research and study, online library, satellite TV service, language labs, online testing service, criminal investigation office, forensic photography service, etc. The library and methodics department of the faculty hold teaching materials for each discipline, fundamental literature, code of laws, collection of regulatory legal acts, audio-visual aids, periodical publications.

The Faculty’s information service “Consultant Plus” and “Guarantor” provide legal reference service. It has access to different online information sources.

In 2011 the Faculty of Law started the program of training specialists in Applied Informatics in jurisprudence.
To undergo practical training, before leaving the faculty the students are sent out to field placements at courts, in state and administrative bodies, Public Prosecution Office of the Republic, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Service Directorate  and other institutions and organizations. Work placement is organized for the students to acquire and perfect their practical and theoretical skills. Since 2011 the best students have been doing practical work in General Prosecutor’s Office, Federal Assembly of State Duma, Federal Assembly of Federal Council and Constitutional Court.

Our alumni are employed by state and administrative bodies, courts, public defender's and prosecution offices, state enterprises, commercial organizations, educational institutions and other organizations. They can continue their studies in postgraduate school.

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