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Department of International Relations of DSU - "window" to Europe.

The integration of the university in the world educational space, the expansion of educational and cultural relations with foreign partners, its participation in the dynamic development of international relations and competitiveness in the global education market is an important indicator of the University’s level.

Dagestan State University is distinguished by extensive international links and pursues active policy for their development. In order to develop the strategy of the international activities of the university and methods of its implementation and coordination, the Office of International Affairs has been operating successfully in Dagestan State University since 1983, which now includes the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of International Accreditation

The result of its successful work is the fact that today the DSUcollaborates with more than 30 universities representing 20 countries, including the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Turkey, Iran and Egypt. On the basis of agreements and contracts signed with the above listed institutions over the past few years, more than 300 undergraduate and graduate students held their linguistic and scientific training practice in Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Germany, England, Poland and Bulgaria. For example, according to the agreement on cooperation between the DSU and the University of Asyut, students of our university hold their language training practice annually for two months in Asyut, where in addition to the Arabic language they study various disciplines on history and culture of Egypt. They are also given the opportunity to see historical and cultural places of interest of the country. A similar training program with the opportunity to get acquainted with the historical and cultural places of interest of Dagestan is given annually to the students of Asyut University during their language training practice in Russia.

In addition, each spring a group of students of DSU leaves to the Turkish Republic for the language training practice at the university "Fatih" (Istanbul) for one month. By allocated quota of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, the representatives of the university successfully participate in the contest. It is important to note that despite the significant limitations on quotas, every year Dagestan State University sends up to 10 employees of DSU to different foreign countries as a part of the scientific work and internships.

According to Kamal Giraev - the head of the Office of International Affairs, within the framework of the international cooperation Dagestan State University cooperates with a number of foreign educational centers, scholarship funds, including the Cultural Mission of Embassy of France and Iran in Russia, the Office of Cultural Affairs and Education of U.S. Department of State (Work and Travel and Work and Study Programs), Institute of International Education (Fulbright Program), the International Research and Exchanges Board IREX (USA), American Council for International Education (U.S.), as well as the German academic Exchange Service (Germany), Educational center EF Education (Sweden), and so on. Presentations of programs in the sphere of educational tourism of EF Education company (2009), scientific and educational programs of the DAAD and IREX for students and teachers (2009 and 2011) and the company "Rospersonal" on the work programs of student cultural exchange and the Work and Travel Work and Study (2010) were organized in cooperation with educational foundations at the invitation and with the participation of DSU.

Additionally, the management of international relations is also known for organizing summer cultural and training trips to such European cities as: Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam. Since 2004 more than 50 university representatives took part in these tours.         
"Another activity of the Office is the international accreditation of educational programs implemented in the DSU. At present our university has an agreement with the Accreditation Centre for Engineering Education of Russia, which is one of the founders of the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE, Belgium) for carrying out social and professional accreditation of two educational programs "Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics" and "Protection of environment and natural resources "with the assignment of a" European quality label » (EUR-ACE Label). Besides, at present the Hotel for accreditation negotiates the terms of the contract with the agencies "National Center for Accreditation» on the subject of international accreditation of educational natural and socio-economic programs of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA, Belgium)," - Kamal  Magomedovich says.

"The university takes an active part in the work of the Eurasian Association of Universities, established in 1989 at the initiative of the Moscow State University and the Association of Universities of the Caspian states, whose president in 2010-2011 was elected our rector - Murtazali Hulataevich Rabadanov. In particular, in May-June 2010 and October 2011 in DSU the 14th and the 15th General Assemblies of the Caspian States took place determining ways of integration of scientific teaching community and students of the Caspian Basin. The 5th student sport games became an important event within the framework of the 14th General Assembly, attended by about six hundred students from 14 universities and foreign countries in 11 kinds of sports, "- said the head of government.

International activities of DSU, actively developing in recent years, are aimed at attracting foreign intellectual and material potential, enriching the regional education with world cultural values and experience of leading foreign universities, the promotion of the university into the international educational space. International relations and exchange programs help to strengthen mutual understanding between countries and, above all, friendship.



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